Customers Included

Mark Hurst of Creative Good has released a new book: "Customers Included". He has a free chapter available online here:

Take a look and tell your friends!

Words of Wisdom

I heard Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld on the radio this morning, and he said something that resonated with me: "You get what you inspect - not what you expect".

I like to say: "You get what you measure", but I'm gratified to know that this is a concept that Mr. Rumsfeld promotes as Standard Operating Procedure for the U.S. military. If you didn't measure it, it didn't happen!


Well, don't I feel special today. I just discovered that my site was hacked and links to a casino in Germany were added to my home page. I think they used the contact form by entering control characters (I got some weird gibberish email from it awhile back). So I guess it's time for a fresh start. I'll be building on Drupal this time instead of Joomla, mostly because it's easier to apply security updates!

Plus, my new layout is fluid, if not responsive!


Responsive Design

With the rise of the mobile internet, websites should now expect that soon there will be more site visits by mobile devices than all others combined. Is yours ready?